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Snow Goose Festival Pictures

Linda Bourne - Winner of the 2016 People's Choice Award

Jill Smith - Winner of the 2016 Bird Category Award


In 2010 we brought some friends who had never seen snow Geese to the festival, promising  them we would certainly see them at the festival. All the way down on Thursday we saw nothing but decoys in the fields. Friday morning we took the road from Lamar that travels along the south side of the lake. All the way to the lake, no geese. In fact really no birds at all. We  started walking across the dam from the south end in beautiful silence. Then from way off to the north east a "honk". Then lots of honking.  That wave came right over us and settled on the lake. They were followed by wave after wave of geese coming in from all directions, forming a big raft on the lake. Needless to say our friends were very impressed. (So were we!)
                                                                                Sally and Ron Harms

Photo by Linda groat